Cable advertising works!

Mid-Hudson Cable’s television advertising solutions marry the unique power of TV as a branding platform with the technology to efficiently target a message to the viewers. That enables advertisers to focus their resources and strengthen their brands in markets that matter most.

Coverage Information

Mid-Hudson Cable provides cable television services for 19,000 households in Columbia, Greene and southern Albany Counties. They provide the opportunity for advertisers to digitally insert their commercials on 43 cable networks.
Years in Business

Cable Benefits

Mid-Hudson Cable can insert your commercial on anyone of the following 43 great networks at any time. Their high viewership and appealing demographics helps your business hit its key target group.

Cable can target a specific audience

Cable advertising has the ability to reach potential customers by using “targeted” programming (news, sports, children’s programming, documentaries, home improvement, etc.) with an audience of similar demographic characteristics.

Cable advertising is cost efficient

Small businesses can afford the power of television with cable television advertising.

Network viewers watch less television

Cable subscribers watch more television, they watch less network television. Nationally 45% of all viewing in cable households is to cable programming. Locally 85% of all viewing is to cable programming. A cable schedule insures that you do not miss solid potential customers.

Cable is local

Local cable advertising offers a wide variety of local sponsorship and community involvement opportunities.

Cable can target geographical areas

You can avoid “broadcast waste” by selecting our geographic area for your advertising messages.

Cable viewers watch more television

Nationally, cable viewers watch one hour more television per day than non-cable viewers. This is due, in part, to the greater quantity of programming available in their specific interests.

Cable viewing is up

Cable viewing shares have been increasing steadily, while broadcast network shares have been shrinking.